Delorean mieten als Zietmaschine für Messen

Rent a Delorean or a time machine in germany, austria and netherlands for corporate events, meetings, fairs, promotions, exits, movie & photo shoots

Rent the time machine . The Delorean DMC12 for Company-Events and private experiences and events.
The Delorean vintage car is perfect as a show car at trade fairs, conventions, conferences, openings, customer events, summer festivals, Christmas parties, product presentations and appeals everywhere as an absolute eye-catcher, visitor magnet and photo highlight.

The Delorean is also rented as a prop and supporting actor for music videos, filming and photo shoots.

The Delorean rental price as an event and show car depends on the time of use, purpose and venue.
There are two excellent Deloreans available all year round for event rentals!

Existing Movie Items: Skateboard, Future Shoes, Vest, Watch, Camera, & Actor autographs are on board.

We as landlords offer an original Delorean DMC12 as a time machine nationwide and are also available for you in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Hanover, Erfurt, Leipzig, Kassel, Magdeburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Graz, Austria and Holland
in use.

Even Marty's girlfriend "Jennifer Parker" (Claudia Wells) likes Deloreantour. "Jennifers" message for you!

Delorean mieten DMC 12 als Zeitmaschine für Events

Rent a Delorean DMC12 Showcar as time machine in germany, austria, netherlands, france for events, shows, trade show, promotion, film, TV, photo & video

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Rent a Delorean hire a Timemachine Germany Austria, France

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Rent a Delorean at company presentation, product conference, kick-off meeting, Christmas party, summer party

02.18 Delorean mit Zeitmaschine bei KickOff-Meeting in Hannover

Delorean hire as exhibition showcar, selfie-point, promotion vehicle, eye-catcher, exhibition highlight

03.18 Zukunftstagung mit Zeitmaschine in Graz/Österreich

Delorean a Delorean for filming & photo shoot, video shoot TV movie theater, convention show car

05.18 Videodreh mit Delorean bei BongoBoulevard mit der Band Milliarden inkl. Making Of.
04.18 Videodreh mit Delorean-Zeitmaschine für Onlineshop in Leipzig

Time Machine hire at '80s & 90s Celebration / Hollywood Themed Party, Wedding, Birthday, JGA, Bachelorette Party

02.18 Mottoparty mit DMC12-Zeitmaschine in Hannover

Delorean DMC 12 at Classic Cars & Youngtimermeeting, rallies, exits

08.17 Insel Classic Oldtimerwelten Uhyst Spree - Das Oldtimertreffen der Lausitz
07.17 US Car Convention Dresden

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Rent a Delorean Zeitmaschine Frankfurt Messe

Reviews / Testimonials / Feedback / Review

"Dear Robert, It was a very demanding and challenging project, from the planning phase to the realization, the whole organization team was challenged to handle the multiple tasks in a timely and precise manner." You did the very best with your Delorean Reinhold Z. as co-driver you have perfectly staged our film theme.The guests were inspired by the Fahezug and your explanations.Thus you have made an important contribution to the success of the evening.Reinhold and Sengül Z., Lisa and I are very grateful Sincerely for the great and creative cooperation. It was really fun with you. " W. Denecke Consulting Agency

"I would like to thank you once again for your work!
They gave the visitors of the motor show a great experience and we have many positive ones
Get feedbacks. The cooperation with you went smoothly and therefore pleasant for us. "D. Hofmann City Remscheid

"My colleagues, myself and our customer were very satisfied with their reliability, friendliness and last but not least with the Delorean.It was very well received by all those involved and we would like to come back to you at a suitable opportunity.Sincerely Jörg P. " event Agency

"We INTERATIO-MediTec GmbH have booked as the landlord for our fair use DKOU2016 in Berlin and are still thrilled today." Mr. Noack accompanied us over the whole period and was fully committed to it Of course, the car was an absolute eye-catcher as well as the accessories of the film that Mr. Noack had with him, all very well done, can only recommend as a landlord, class team and worth every penny. " Lothar F. Schwarz Managing Partner

"Hello Robert, A big thank you to you for being part of our Super Heroes event with your DeLorean DMC12 sports car and Doc Brown and spreading a great atmosphere, and we're glad you enjoyed it and join you again in the future Until then, we, the Legoland Event Team, wish you a great time and great experiences! Best Regards RS " (Event team Legoland)

"Dear Mr. Noack, hello Robert, your Delorean DMC12 was the highlight of the season opener, everyone wanted to see, touch and photograph the car from the series" Back to the Future. "I admire your patience and thank you, also on behalf of myself Teams, for the first good and successful cooperation We enjoyed working with you, the sympathetic professional, to realize this event in the hope that we see each other again soon and can use your car more often, I remain with best regards HS " (Managing Director Event Agency)

"Using the ZidZ-Delorean during our 2016 Management Conference at Phantasialand was a great success for us. This was especially due to the very professional and reliable cooperation with Robert Noack as landlord. The extensive film props and his detailed knowledge about the film "Back to the Future" ZidZ enthused the participants. Regards A.E. "(Project leader Conference dpd)

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Rent a Delorean hire a timemachine Germany Austria